Saturday, October 3, 2009

5. Perfect hearing - Significance of Madhu, Kaitabh

There may be many interpretations about form or idea of Madhu and Kaitabh that are depicted as demons born out of mud of the ears of Lord Vishnu. Some may describe it as a creature that would have physical existence, some may describe as evil and destructive ideas and others may give some other interpretations to it.

Today, while chanting Durga Shapt Shatee, I marked the place of origine of Madhu and Kaitabh. As depicted in epics, they originated from the mud of ears (of Lord Vishnu). I think , if we analyze the causes of disputes and hostility in the society, it will be found that most of them are due to words, spoken and listen. Listening is more important than speaking. Here, I would include understanding or perceiving in the listening. Misunderstanding or wrong interpretation and wrong perception is abstract mud of the ears. In the causes of hostility the role of hearing sense (shravanendriya) of the body is greater than other senses. I think the voice comes next to it. The mind perceives the words through hearing sense i.e. ears. Thus, virtually it is hearing sense that spreads hostility that can be called Madhu - Kaitabh.

In an earlier post, I had submitted an interpretation to two terms of Argala Strotram of Durga Saptshatee in which the worshiper prays for elimination of malice. Those terms are “द्विषतां नाशं ” and “द्विषो जहि”. Here I again submit that removal of malice is a pre-requisite to attain and sustain the power. If the hearing sense is pure and constructive, there will be no likelihood of malice and hostility. It is malice and hostility referred in the Argala strotram that has been depicted as Mdhu, Kaitabh in the first chapter of the Saptshatee.

Therefore, let us keep our hearing sense pure so that, seeds of Madhu and Kaitabh may not find the mud to sprout.

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