Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I came across an excellent article "GODS ARE DREAMS OF MEN: The Story of Darwin, Creationism, Evolution and Law" by Honorable Mr. Justice Yatindra Singh, Judge, Allahabad High Court . This article was published on the official website of Allahabad High Court in the last week of October, 2009. His Lordship has elaborately discussed the legislation and case laws in relation to theory of Darwin including the famous Monkey Trial case (see also, http://www.themonkeytrial.com/). In the context of some of the issues discussed in the article, I would urge that:

1. God is men and men are God - one in all and all in one - "तत्वमसि" . The ultimate thing is smallest as well as the biggest at the same time - "अणोरनीयान महतोमहीयान" and "यथा पिंडे तथा ब्रह्मांडे" .

2. A person dreams for few minutes while sleeping when his mind creates an universe of itself in which there may or may not be the things of awaken life. It can be said that the life is a bigger dream of soul and the universe is even a bigger dream of a greater soul.

3. There may or may not be existence of God but belief in it's existence is extremely desirable in the interest of society.

4. Unless the existence of God is disproved it should be treated as proved, because, the society in general believes in it. One set of the evidences of common belief in the God is the oath taken (in the name of God) by the Honorable Judges and Parliamentarians themselves and oath administered on litigants in the courts.

On the basis of above 3 and 4, may I submit that the believers have - primafacie case, balance of convenience in their favor and apprehension of irreparable loss; and thus they fulfill the conditions for grant of interim injunction restraining the atheists from propagating any adverse ideology that may be injurious to the orderly society !!!

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  1. In my college days I had written an article for the college magazine ' Did God make man or man made God'. and it was published. Rajan Salvi. I suggest you Mr Tripathi to kindly read 'Of Human Bondage' by Somerset Maugham. [ IF you have not already read it]. It is a very good book.