Monday, November 16, 2009

17. First Law maker of the world

There is a debate as to who was the first Law maker of the world. In Sanatan Dharma , Manu is commonly referred as first. But, a few scholars say that Manu had reproduced the rules made by Bhrigu. The last verse of Manusmriti itself referres Bhrigu and says that what have been taught in it was told earlier by Bhrigu .
In this regard I would submit my conclusion as under:

1. There are inferences by scholars that many verses in Manusmriti might have been subsequently added to the original script. Even there may have been manipulation by biased scholars with a view to override the religious practices preferred by their rival pandits. Therefore the possibility of addition of one verse at the end of the text can not be ruled out . The text that I have with me is published by “Thakur Prasad Book sellers” who are a popular publishers of Varanasi. There may be some difference in other publications.

2. All the puranas and other epics unanimously refer the manu as first and principal creator of manav shastra or dharm shastra.

3. In sanatan dharma no one is first. There is a cycle of happenings and exploration of knowledge. All the scriptures authored by Badrayan ( = Krishna dvaipayan = Vedvyas ) are compilations of pre-existing knowledge and stories. But, He is known as the author of 18 purans and several other epics. In Geeta, Krishna himself said that he is exploring the pre-existing knowledge and there is nothing new in his teachings.But, Geeta and it’s principles are identified with Krishna. Patanjali was also compiler of the principles of yoga – the practices taught by him were practiced earlier to him - Hiranyagarbh can be referred as original acharya of yoga . But, yoga shastra is identified with Patanjali

4. Similarly manu would have been first compiler of rules of ethical tradition and there may have been many earlier rulers and rishis including Bhrigu who would have made rules according to needs of the time.

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